What Life Actually Feels Like at Work

@danielleforte I think you can relate.
  1. Stepping into the building every day be like.
  2. I get to the office first. As people arrive, I like to greet them like this.
    Suit up fuckers.
  3. When I submit something to a "manager" and get this response:
    "I started making edits right in the doc, but I think it's better if we talk in person."
  4. Knowing I have to lead a meeting tomorrow, so I really try to enjoy the day before.
    Like yesterday. Yesterday was perfection. 3.30.16 @danielleforte
  5. Any time someone steps into my office or rings my phone.
  6. When the office nerd brings bagels.
    Legit the only time I get excited. Then I remember I already ate breakfast.
  7. During big company meetings.
    Can we just not?
  8. When people linger in the parking lot to talk after work.
    GO HOME.
  9. Talking to our receptionist when she cries about having to answer the phone, or pick up food, or change the toilet paper.
    Or DO HER JOB.
  10. Any time I have to work with someone on a project.
    I can't.
  11. When clients call.
    Once, I was literally told to talk to clients as if I were sitting around waiting for them to call and answer like it was the only thing fulfilling my day. K. Cue the sarcasm.