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  1. you will lose your most expensive GoPro with all of your past videos on it
    very sad
  2. you will almost/probably break a toe
  3. you will be pelted with rain to the point of assuming it's actually hailing
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earlier, I was asked what I did today. my answer was very short, but I can honestly say it was a perfect day. as hectic and stressful as my life normally is, it's fantastic to be able to just take a day and breathe.
  1. 1.
    I had brunch with a close friend that I haven't seen in a long time
    she called me out of nowhere upset about something that happened at work and I was so happy to be able to be there to comfort her. she's very sweet and we have so much in common; I just love spending time with her.
  2. 2.
    I spent the majority of my day with my favorite guy
    all I did was go to his house and watch a movie, but the time we spend together is time that I cherish sooo much. just being around him makes me feel calm and happy and he's very sweet to me :/
  3. 3.
    I got to cuddle with the cutest two year old in the world
    I'm always very tired when I babysit, so I usually put on a movie. their wifi was out so I played one on my phone and he cuddled up next to me while I took a nap and it was very sweet. he makes me very excited to have babies so that I can have my own to cuddle with 💖
not sure if this really equals happiness but it's what makes me happy
  1. watching movies with someone and finishing them together no matter how many days it takes
  2. coincidentally finding something that's very personal to you in a book you're reading
  3. being the first person someone calls when they receive important news
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my last four photos are of people, which are my favorite things in the world. as much as I hate human contact sometimes, people are the most amazing creations on the planet and there's nothing cooler than being able to do life alongside some of the better ones.
  1. Madison & Me
    this is one of my best friends, and our friendship happened in the weirdest way. it was so odd, that I know we were meant to be friends. I love her :/
  2. Tyler & Me
    he's one of my best friends too, but things have changed between us. I used to be the person he leaned on, but I think he's maturing so he doesn't need me anymore. he's leaving to go to college in Virginia in the fall, and I have no idea what I'm gonna do when he leaves :/
  3. another one!!!
    he was at my house the other night, so I made him send me all the pics he had of us. he said this one is his favorite (not sure why but ok)
  4. Jordan & Me
    ok so this one isn't really a picture but it depicts one of my most complicated friendships. two months ago I hated her, and decided that since we have a mutual best friend that it'd be best that I try to like her, and I did. she frustrates the hell out of me but most of the time I just want to take care of her and fix all of her negative feelings and problems. she's very important to my best friend, therefore, she's very important to me.