This features a few of my daily worries and is inspired by @mindy 's list of 4am worries in her new book, Why Not Me.
  1. What if the plan I have for my life isn't the right one?
  2. Did I leave my straightener on? Crap, I won't be home for like 10 hours.
  3. What if I don't make any friends at school? Who will I live with next year?
  4. Did I feed Olive (my cat) before I left the house?
  5. How much longer can I get away with saying "I just moved here"?
  6. Why did I buy that sweater two weeks ago? That was so financially irresponsible.
  7. What if I never get to meet Taylor Swift?
    This seems trivial but it is a source of great stress in my life.
  8. Will I ever meet a guy?
    Sub worry: why haven't I had a boyfriend in so long? Is there something wrong with me?
  9. Will the lady at the nail salon ever believe that I'm not in high school? I'm in grad school!
  10. I just want my family to be proud of me.
  11. How will I choose where I want to live when I graduate?