@hasti encouraged me to publish the notes I have in my phone. Enjoy some of my most humiliating moments.
  1. Crossing the finish line for a race I didn't run (and getting cheered for)
    I was running on the river in my hometown and had no clue a big race was happening. Eventually I went past the finish line (there was literally no way to avoid this) and everyone cheered. They even yelled "wow! She just keeps going!" as if I'd been running for hours 🙈
  2. Hearing family friends discuss having sex when the mom didn't know I was in the car
    I was in middle school when this happened. I still get uncomfortable when I think about this.
  3. Getting on the wrong campus bus...twice
    Each bus is clearly marked and somehow I got on the wrong route twice. Too scared to tell the drivers, I just waited it out until we arrived somewhere close-ish to my apartment so I could walk home. My best friend's dad brings this up every time I go to her house.
  4. Projectile vomitting in the bathroom of my favorite coffee shop
    I was with two adult women when this happened. The bathroom was, of course, out of paper towels so I ended up cleaning it up with toilet paper. I proceeded to meet with the women after without telling them what happened. Why am I like this?
  5. Getting matched on tinder with someone who goes to my school, and upon talking to him, I found out he is not only in my class, but he is one of my undergraduate mentees
    This story did not end well.
  6. Falling down while walking down a very busy street.
    I was on my morning walk and I completely bit it in front of the Yale school of Management. Completely horrifying. Lots of people saw. But I giggled about it the whole way home despite my destroyed lulu's.