Was I a terrible child? In the words of my mom, "in the grand scheme of things you weren't that bad! I did purchase the strong willed child book, though."
  1. The baseball bat incident
    At the age of 4, I convinced my best friend to hit my baby sister with a plastic baseball bat. He got in big trouble and my family still brings this up.
  2. The Easter egg incident
    We have a home video of my little sister (2 at the time) leaving her Easter basket on the ground while she searched for eggs. When she would go to find more I would steal all the eggs in her basket at the time. Oops.
  3. The color purple
    In preschool, I developed an aversion to the color purple and claimed "it made my throat hurt". I wouldn't wear it and apparently got very angry if I had to look at it. This was particularly problematic because I had just gone through a purple loving phase and half of my wardrobe contained purple. Family friends still bring this up.
  4. The proper way to tie shoes
    Apparently before I was old enough to tie my shoes, I was very particular about how it was done. My mom told me that I would scream and cry if they did it "wrong".
  5. I named our family dog after an acquaintance
    This isn't terrible like the other items on this list, but my sister has always found it so funny that I named our family daschund "Maggie" after an acquaintance I had in preschool.
  6. Rude interruptions
    I once was put in time out upstairs and my mom and her friend had to go outside to talk because I was screaming so loudly. They could still hear me outside.
  7. Child burglar
    My mom once had me in a stroller in a department store and while she was shopping apparently I had been stashing stuffed Barney toys into my stroller. She didn't notice until we were out of the store. She was mortified.