dating apps can be hard, and after seeing these things consistently I decided to make a list. Feel free to add your findings!
  1. Too many selfies
    One or two is alright, but if that's the only thing on your profile that is cause for concern. Do you not have friends?
  2. The shirtless selfie
    Even more negative points if it was taken in the bathroom. Extra negative points if there are more than one.
  3. Consistently too many people in your pictures
    If after 3 pictures I still can't tell who you are, it just isn't worth it
  4. When you make up fake NYT, etc. reviews about yourself
  5. When there is a very cute guy centered in your first picture, come to find he isn't you
    This sounds harsh, but don't choose a picture where your taller, better looking friend is the focal point. You want to be the one getting the interest.
  6. If you are holding alcohol in every photo/the first word of your bio is 'tequila'
    I get it, going out is fun sometimes. But enough is enough.