Some I inexplicably google searched. Some I linked up with IRL. Lots of Britney.
  1. Tupac with a Lisa Frank background (s/o to Tumblr, I assume?)
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  2. The last image I'll see before I die, probably
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  3. When J.Lo came to work and I basked in her greatness.
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  4. Britney's piece of me show in Vegas 😭✨🔥
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  5. Hilary Duff and her blue 'do posing for the camera at work.
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  6. My BFF Erin after she interviewed Arnold for AOL Build. Baes.
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  7. A Ye meme.
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  8. A Kim meme for good measure.
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  9. Me and Stephan Jenkins, lead singer of 3eb. Do do do, do do do do do 🎶
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  10. Britney at Piece of Me again. (I went to vegas twice in six months. I have issues.)
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  11. My coworker and friend Bill Bradley sharing some orange soda with Kel Mitchell.
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  12. Me and Kylie Jenner and yes I am dead ass serious.
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  13. Cher and usher sharing a moment at like, the 2001 billboard awards or something lol.
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  14. Drake being sad (check out our list on @HuffPostEnt for clarity.)
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  15. And lastly a screenshot of Britney and Justin. Damn, I need to get a grip.
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