1. A woman who yelled at me on the subway for having cat hair on my coat. (First of all, it was dog hair.) She said she was allergic and wanted me to move!
  2. A former flight attendant who shamed me on an airplane when my son crawled into the aisle upon landing. Then every flight attendant said something to me as I deplaned, and it wasn't "bye bye now."
  3. My next door neighbor shortly after I moved in, for putting my garbage bins on the street in front of his house. (I moved to a house in LA from an apartment in Brooklyn, what do I know about street etiquette?)
  4. An Uber driver who backed up into my car and got mad at me for getting mad at him.
  5. A woman in my neighborhood who was furious that my rat terrier mix wouldn't stop barking at her German Shepherd.