1. Thank yeezus
  2. Why is nobody absent today??
  3. Only 6 more hours...
  4. Aww, a gift from the little PITA! This almost makes up for all the headaches you cause...almost
  5. Do I need to put up Common Core statements to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas?
  6. Do I care?
  7. Only 5 more hours...
  8. Lunch! Aka, teacher pee break
  9. Okay, time for another movie. What do I have that is rated G?
  10. Let the kids "vote" for a movie, then pick the one that I really want to watch
  11. Kids these days. Can't even sit quietly and watch a movie!
  12. Omg. So bored.
  13. Only 1 hour left!
  14. Movie is over, classroom is clean, day is done!
  15. See ya next year, kiddos!
  16. No, that does not mean you're done with third grade
  17. Why does no one appreciate my humor?
  18. Student-free for the next two weeks.
  19. Miss them already!