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  1. Awful, awful hygiene.
    It's not everyone, but there's just so many guys who reeeeallly need a quick shave. And a shampoo. The sweaty, greasy hormones plus an hour of stuffy PE in the middle of the day ... Yeah, no.
  2. Language.
    If you can think of any curse word, or combination of them, it's been yelled down the hallway at my school. Painfully classy.
  3. Odd smells.
    For a whole year, my world history class smelled so much like poop people had to go to the nurse for nausea; the rumor was someone sprayed liquid shit in the air vents. Every so often, you'll enter a hallway and just get the biggest noseful of what-even-IS-that
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  1. Never, ever be afraid of anyone. They are human, and so are you.
  2. It's gonna be okay, stick with it.
  3. Never play pool with guys you don't know.
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Is this Spirit Halloween? Is this Forever 21? We may never know.
  1. I have 2 options for batman: t-shirt, size xl, or a pleather bra top. There is no in between.
  2. Couple goals: Bruce and Caitlin Jenner costume.
  3. What better way to tell everyone you're having a threesome by going as Rock Paper Scissors? (Packaging: smirking man "rock" flanked on both sides by very sultry "paper" and "scissors")
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  1. Awkwardly starting conversations with people I don't know.
  2. Giving accidentally backhanded compliments (I.e. "Your hair looks SO much better now" and "wow, today you look cute")
  3. Ruining perfectly healthy relationships for no actual reason
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Too good not to record. All from an irritating 13 year old boy, lovingly nicknamed "Lil' Roo." Narrated by the endlessly cool 16 year old big sis.
  1. "Cashmere Alaska" day...aka Casmir Pulaski day.
  2. Heroin, pronounced "hero-in."
    Roo thinks it's an orange liquid similar to DayQuil. Not quite.
  3. Found him laughing in a dark closet holding a cantaloupe.
    I heard Andrew laughing but I could not actually find him...mother helped me look and she found him in the front hall closet, in the dark, crying laughing, holding a cantaloupe. Ah, teenage hormones.
  4. Lit a fire in the garage for the heck of it