Is this Spirit Halloween? Is this Forever 21? We may never know.
  1. I have 2 options for batman: t-shirt, size xl, or a pleather bra top. There is no in between.
  2. Couple goals: Bruce and Caitlin Jenner costume.
  3. What better way to tell everyone you're having a threesome by going as Rock Paper Scissors? (Packaging: smirking man "rock" flanked on both sides by very sultry "paper" and "scissors")
  4. Who thought the female equivalent of "Waldo" should be "Wenda?"
  5. Can we be any more subtle than a jumpsuit with the name tag "big willy?"
  6. So many plastic knives.
  7. What does it mean to dress up as a morph suit? This one could really get deep. What does it mean to run around, faceless, without an identity? On the night you could be anything you choose nothing at all. Beautiful and tragic.
  8. There's a large section of a wall designated to these terrifying Donald Trump masks.
  9. Combine one of these very realistic masks with the sexy trump costume and shabam you've created a monster!!!
  10. Oh, here are some of the other candidates. Who are they again?
  11. Brilliant idea: presidential candidate haunted house! Aka the most terrifying thing I can possibly dream up.