I used to think loving someone happened slowly and gradually, like building a Jenga tower one piece at a time. But realizing you are in love isn't the act of placing the final block on top. It's the rush of the tower falling down.
  1. My name sounded different when he said it, somehow more beautiful and sure.
  2. He made universal things seem intimate and personal. Lyrics and humor and my favorite characters reminded me of him. He was a manifestation of art.
  3. I could listen to him tell stories about his day for hours. He captured my attention more fully than any of my friends who I already admire and adore
  4. Seeing him starting to smile made me do the same. His laugh triggered my laughter.
  5. Whenever he remembered small details about me I could feel joy in my stomach and veins. It's warm yet gives you chills.
  6. I brainstormed reasons to talk to him, to be close to him. Like most brainstorm sessions the ideas were often outlandish and silly, yet I carried them out just to see him.
  7. Talking about him became hard. Writing poetry became easier.