First list! My wife and I are huge people-watchers and judgers generally. We're at Disney World as I type this and we've been playing a loose scavenger hunt that involves our two favorite things: people watching and competition. Basically, you see a person in one of these categories, you call it out, you get a point. Enjoy!
  1. No Eyebrows
  2. Mother and Daughter Dressed Exactly Alike
  3. Romper Abuse
  4. Newlywed Lesbians (and you have to say congratulations)
  5. Butt Hanging Out
  6. Yoga Pants Abuse
  7. You Sound Like You're From London!
  8. Homemade Tattoo
  9. Wrong Shoes For Disney World
  10. Too Much Tit
  11. Brightly Colored Camouflage
  12. Juggalo
  13. Cameltosis/ Moose Knuckle