I have been to Copenhagen a few times, I love eating. Here are the best places to eat, in no particular order. Will add more the more I go :)
  1. Geist
    This is a great modern restaurant, pricey but worth a visit. They had the most amazing Lobster carpaccio, when the plate arrived I thought it was empty, the lobster carpaccio was deliciously coating the plate.
  2. Duck sandwich at Ma Poule in Torvehallerne market
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    This has become tradition, sometimes before even dropping off my bags I head to the market for a duck sandwich, it's simplicity itself. Duck confit, rocket salad and mustard in a crusty baguette, get a beer on the side and this is a little piece of heaven :)
  3. Grød
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    This is a great breakfast option. Delicious porridge options with fruit, nuts and dulce de Leche it's so comforting and I don't normally eat porridge, they have one of these in the Torvehallerne market, but the main one at the below address is the place to go, lots of cool little shops nearby selling pottery art and clothes too. Jægersborggade 50, 2200 KØBENHAVN N, Denmark
  4. Coffee Collective
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    This is the place for coffee in Copenhagen, although lots of other great options are available. Again they have one of these at the market but the one at the address below is the one I like the most. Godthåbsvej 34B 2000 Frederiksberg Denmark
  5. Barbie BBQ
    Had a great night here, really good quality smoked and BBQ'd meats. Not much else to say, ahh wait they also have a great Mac cheese :)
  6. Palaeo
    For something healthier, I recommend this place I call it Paleo but sure it sounds different in Danish, this place has great salads and egg wraps. Really tasty and not compromising on taste at all. This is also in Torvehallerne market.