I like food and I seem to eat a lot of burgers, here is a developing list of places and like. Not always just for the food :) this list will grow and grow... Like a baby.
  1. Honest burger - Portobello
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    This place is close to my heart, I train BJJ nearby and Coke here often. The staff are great and the atmosphere cosy, the area is also great for bars and the market on Saturdays. Push through the tourists and make sure to support the antiques shops in Portobello while you are there. Oh and always order the special :) sometimes crazy but always worth it.
  2. Dirty Burger - Shoreditch
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    Was here with a friend on a Sunday, didn't intend to eat here but so happy I did, the place is small and has a dive feel to it. The burgers come wrapped in old school burger paper and are messy looking. But so tasty! I had the special with onion rings, a pile of greasy deliciousness! Go for a drink In the box park after and make a great night of it.
  3. Meat mission - Old Street
    Ahh this place is great, I had a chicken burger with chilli fries and deep fried pickles. I was in heaven, the chicken was delicious and the chilli cheese fries where divine. The spice made me sweat without killing the taste buds. My friend had the infamous black palace burger which he said was the simplest pleasure he has had in a long time. Well since he hurt his right hand in BJJ. The area is cool and you can always dance the night away at Xoyo after your dinner.
  4. The Bird - Hamburg, Germany somewhere
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    When in Hamburg... I became an American tourist and couldn't leave without having a burger. Apparently the meat used to go from Hamburg to the USA and that's where the name came from. This place is a pure burger heaven. It's not pretty but boy does it taste good, I had Da Birdhouse, it was greasy awesomeness. I also had the hottest thing I have ever eaten and didn't expect it at all in Germany but the name should have been a clue.. Napalm Wings, I managed 3/6 only to save face. :)