I've had this app on my phone for about three months now and I've taken extreme enjoyment and have much admiration for all the incredibly creative and informative lists I've read. So much so in fact that the better ones have discouraged me from making my own. No more.
  1. I don't have enough time
    The worst excuse and warning sign for anything if you don't have enough time then you're wasting it somewhere else.
  2. Afraid of making a bad list
    Almost impossible seeing as I don't have any followers, yet typical symptom of self when trying to do anything new.
  3. Not knowledgeable enough about any one topic
    Another fallacy, as I think one of the main and most important points of List is to expose users to an array of different personalities through a very ubiquitous format, I.e., every single person is an expert on their life and the aspects that make them unique
  4. Who the fuck cares
    The sun sets and it rises.
  5. Timing
    Sometimes you just need that right amount of bull shit, that balanced amount of luck and the zen level of alcohol to really get to work
  6. Because it's hard af brah
    (Most of the time) There's a lot of thought, research and care put into coming up with all the great lists I read. Much more so than a simple "status" or equivalent temperature gauge of the psyche that comes to mind whenever I think of an app of this genus. Making one worth reading is an accomplishment and I hope I did here.
  7. Boom