So grateful for...
  1. Wildly creative, hand sewn costumes as a kid (and now for my own kids)
  2. Her encouragement to do things that scare me (My first audition, staying in the game even when I wanted to quit)
  3. Witnessing my one (and only) MMA fight. I can only imagine how scary this must be for a mom.
  4. Sharing in my victories at the nail salon, hair salon, her favorite restaurants, etc.
  5. Making me "show my guns," meaning flex my arms, to damn near anyone who came to the house (and often in public too).
  6. Giving me three siblings who I love dearly.
  7. Butt dialing me at 6am LA time.
  8. Leading with kindness, even when it's hard.
  9. Parsley chicken!
  10. Suburban chicken curry. That opened my eyes to foods of different cultures. It was a toe in the water, but still.
  11. For loving my wife like her own daughter.
  12. For calling me an asshole when I need it (maybe happened twice in my life).
  13. For understanding why sometimes it takes me a few days to call. I hate that I do that to her.
  14. For the paperweight with the Churchill quote "never, never, never give up."
  15. For sharing her horror story about driving through a KKK rally when she was in college.
  16. For understanding/teaching what hard work being a stay at home parent is.
  17. For holding my hand on car rides
  18. For the hand squeeze game.
  19. For always encouraging me to sing. Even when I don't want to.
  20. For letting me take the lead when Dad had his heart attack.
  21. For simply being my mom. I love you.