1. snowplow scraping up the street the night after a storm
  2. ice cubes bumping up against the glass of a cup
    my sister brings a glass of ice water to bed every night - this is how I hear her coming
  3. delancey's dog tags clanking together when she runs towards me
    also: her nails clicking against the cork floor
  4. the record for la traviata still playing after I get home late at night
    my dad is sleeping on the couch with his glasses folded on his chest
  5. the bedside lamp buzzing when everyone's gone to sleep & I'm reading in bed
  6. coyotes howling
    heard from the front porch upstate, only when the sky is too dark to see anything
  7. "this b train will be making all local stops"
  8. I don't know if I'm doing this right