1. ..
  2. Dorky costume picture
  3. Indigo/crystal children
  4. Body talk
  5. Empaths
  6. Different words that we can't describe in our language
  7. Starting sentences with "I shouldn't say this, but..."
  8. Previous relationship similarities
  9. Living alone, being fine with it
  10. Conscious going with the flow
  11. Manifesting things
  12. Breaking the mould, following heart
  13. Staying in Saskatoon being near each other
  14. Past lives
  15. Transforming/growing as a person
  16. Not even having to finish sentences
  17. Pros and cons of living alone
  18. Sarah and val
  19. Perception question
  20. Bf from girls
  21. Bad bad me - read messages - "if she's not "keen" then whatever" - you look beautiful, and I'm not just talking about the eye lashes