As a hopeless romantic. First in the series.
  1. How many toothbrushes are bought annually for a significant other?
    As in for whenever they spend the night. I want quantitative values per item, not per person buying toothbrushes.
  2. Where does morning breath go on television?
    Morning sex is fun as hell but I'm always self conscious about my breath. I guess TV characters don't have it in their universe. (Except Scrubs. Totally with them on their morning mouthwash shots.)
  3. How many babies are made during snowstorms?
    What else is there to do?
  4. Does buying each other clothing mean you're getting serious?
  5. Can you love someone without all those angry, sad, and fearful feelings?
    Love hasn't always been so kind to me.
  6. How many Netflix and chills before it's just Netflix?
    Aka remove your hand and let me watch this chef drop his tots in the deep fried thirty seconds before time runs out.
  7. But also until it's just chill?
    Aka bumming around in our sweatpants, drinking coffee, tickling armpits, and recreating chopped recipes with half the skill and a third of the ingredients.
  8. Does the right person turn you from the callous hag you were into the gooey cornball you are now?