1. Shot a movie trailer
  2. Threw $30 worth of glassware from a dollar store at a concrete wall for said movie trailer
  3. Watched seven episodes of The Office
  4. Met with my actors that I've never spoken to until that very moment
  5. Screamed internally for half an hour because one actor was 40 minutes late leaving me to have to make small talk with the other two
  6. Obsessed over why one of my actors was quiet in said meeting and have concluded that he does not like me
  7. Remembered that its finals week and he's probably as brain dead as I am
  8. Reflected upon how I have a crippling need for everyone to like me and eventually came to terms that this will be my inevitable existential downfall in my fourth mid-life crisis of the uear
  9. Ate chipotle
  10. Did not watch the footage I shot today for my trailer
  11. Watched more episodes of The Office
  12. Laughed at my roommate still sitting on the couch and studying for her biology final
  13. Cried in private about how I should've done more finals work
  14. Watched three more episodes of The Office