1. 11:17pm - A friend messages me the tweet.
    I was driving when @jdahl changed my life. I adjusted course and made my way to 441 Fairfax.
  2. 12:33am - Arrive at 441 Fairfax.
    I am 40th in line.
  3. 12:40am - I realize I've made a huge mistake.
    This is the only water I brought to last through the night. I realize I must ration wisely.
  4. 4:49am - Still going strong. I have made friends with a homeless woman and 2 cool girls from Arizona.
    Homeless woman not pictured. We think her name is Francesca.
  5. 6:20am - The sun has come up. I'm still alive. Barely.
  6. 6:24am - The sweet thought of this coffee shop opening in an hour is all that's keeping me alive in this harsh winter.
  7. 7:15am - Homeless lady has divulged that she thought we were in line for coffee this whole time.
    Oh Francesca...
  8. 7:56am - Sweet bliss.
    A simple cappuccino to keep the engine running.
  9. 10:04am - The sun is beating down. We might not make it. Though with one hour left until doors open, there is some hope.
  10. 10:06am - WE HAVE MOVED (approx. 15 feet, doors still not open)
  11. 10:09am - Just interviewed by Vogue magazine. This could be my big break. Get ready, I'm about to be a star.
  12. 10:23am - Someone trying to cut line in front of me. Ima bout to be on basic cable for slapping a bitch.
    This is also where I get increasingly more ratchet.
  13. 10:35am - They've pushed the time back to 12. I have no words.
    Why Kanye?
  14. 10:52am - Complex is coming by now. 2nd chance at fame.
  15. 10:53am - Complex blows right by me. Guess they didn't like my aesthetic.
  16. 11:49am - Rick Ross showed up. Parked his G Wagon in the middle of the street and walked inside.
  17. 12:14pm - I do not feel like Pablo.
    I feel like a pleb starving artist burning on the sidewalk.
  18. 1:02pm - Strongly reconsider some life decisions.
    Why do I do these things to me?
  19. 1:41pm - WE'RE IN. WE'RE IN.
    Ok, it's lit.
  20. 1:48pm - T'was a long and arduous road. Many of my friends didn't make it and I've shed enough tears in the past 15hrs to last a lifetime. Sometimes in life you play the hand you're dealt. Other times you thrive in adversity. In my travels today I've learned about life, friendship, and humanity. I proudly display to you the fruit of my labor:
    This hat.
  21. Jk, I bought more stuff and it was dope.
    This is a god dream.