I'm so excited.
  1. Make a nickname for the dog.
    I'm going with Debs.
  2. Play Mozart.
    Mozart makes dogs smarter?
  3. Ask a lot of questions.
    My personal favorite is "WHO'S A GOOD GIRL???"
  4. Treat your dog right and make her some dog clothes.
    I think you can make some by buying baby sweatpants, cutting off one of the legs, and making holes in the second leg.
  5. Be non-judgmental.
    Dogs will love you even when you complain about how the last girl stopped returning your texts so you better not give them any sass when they fart.
  6. Start a dog instagram (dogstergram).
    Dogs have trouble making social media accounts. Be a bro and help a dog out.
  7. Get tennis balls
    She's a small dog so I don't know if she can even hold onto a tennis ball?
  8. Optional: Be a cool uncle. This means that you have to tell jokes.
    I don't know any jokes though.