Basically us music teachers are hoarders.
  1. A gong.
    Takes up a ton of space, really only used once a year.
  2. Tons of handmade paper projects that have decayed over the years.
    Yes let's make an apple tree with rhythms! Then forget we ever had it.
  3. All of the costumes.
    Penguins, clowns, soldiers, Chinese dragons. You name it, this closet has a terrible version of it.
  4. Recorders
    Too many to count, probably very germy.
  5. Decorations for every holiday
    Because of course we dramatically celebrate every time we have the chance.
  6. Cassette tapes
    How old is this building???
  7. Hats
    Because you never know when you'll need to be a cowboy. Or the cat in the hat.