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Every opinion about trains applies only to US trains b/c Europe is different and better.
  1. Because everything on trains feels disgusting
  2. It's like they don't clean trains
  3. It's like trains gave up
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As answered by Daniel
  1. Age
  2. Neighborhood you live in
  3. Favorite alc Bev
    Beer - beginning (red ale) end (porter)
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  1. Coors Light
  2. Champagne
  3. Captain Morgan's
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  1. 2 juniors at UO on the bus to the game
  2. Various donors, incl Mike & Diane
  3. Tailgate bartender
    She's a teacher!
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  1. Flats, booties, chucks
  2. Dress
  3. Blue Jeans with holes
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11.2.15. What I learned from this: I'm a nightmare.
  1. Google search - "what is the plural of fetus"
  2. Chase Mobile Banking
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  1. Whitney Houston "Dance With Somebody"
    This is best for a near end of the night finale number. Suggestion: Use dead air time to yell at people in the crowd "Dance now or regret it."
  2. Billy Joel "Piano Man"
    Always begin by thanking "New York's Native Son."
  3. Tina Turner "Proud Mary"
    Best for beginning of the night when there's few people around.
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