Pet Peeves

  1. When the toilet paper roll is behind reach when sitting on the toilet
  2. When a lamp shade has a dimple/dent in it that stands out when the light is on
  3. When people "reply to all" on company-wide announcements to congratulate those being acknowledged and this creates a domino effect where others then have to be seen as saying congratulations as well and you end up receiving 200 emails you didn't need
  4. When at a concert or event and all you can see is everyone holding up a smart phone to record the show instead of just experiencing the event
  5. When drivers blatantly do not let you merge into their lane even though they obviously see you
  6. Receiving a ton of emails from my kids' school and teachers to remind parents of stuff the kids should be held accountable to remember themselves
  7. People who sit right next to you on public transportation or in movie theaters when there are multiple other seats available
  8. When people do not park properly and take up more than one spot
  9. When TV shows are cancelled just as you are getting into the story and characters
  10. Travelers in the TSA-pre line that still take off their shoes and pull out their electronics even though they are not supposed to
  11. When the shower at the gym or pool has no pressure
  12. People who text at inappropriate times
  13. Leaving the chip bag, cereal bag, cracker bag, etc. open and the remaining contents get hard and spoil
  14. When you order multiple courses at a restaurant and they bring everything too close together
  15. Parents who give their children awful names
  16. Greeting cards with glitter
  17. People who litter