First list
  1. Cowgirl
  2. Carol Burnett
  3. Lily Tomlin
  4. Psychologist
  5. Ed Grimley (aka Martin Short; or just a really off the wall no holds barred physical comedian)
  6. Tracy Ullman
  7. A teacher
  8. A magazine editor or designer
  9. A writer of non fiction
  10. Someone who changes the world
  11. An elected official
  12. (Then I worked for a state rep...and decided I wanted to go back to grad school and figure new ways to save the world.) This is my current occupation (world saver)
    I'll add this ... The year I went back to grad school, I'd begun taking classes at Second City. I had a career pause (pregnant, contract position ended) and I thought, hmmm what should info with my life now? I love making people laugh. But I'm pretty good at this helping people thing too. So I studied public policy and have this great job now. And a great kid. And I get to use my second city skills in my job. So. That's all.
  13. Next up...lecturer type; baker; social entrepreneur; systems change expert