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1997 gave us many great things but none as good Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VII, the greatest game ever made. From the opening Mako Reactor bombing to the bottom of the Northern Cave, the game still provides countless hours of bliss for tens of millions of gamers around the world
  1. The Death of Aeris
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    Having the games female lead die in the games opening third still proves to be one of the most dramatic moments in video game history. Can she be revived? I guess we'll have to wait for the remake to find out...
  2. Cloud: A Relatable Protoganist
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    Unlike many protagonists, Cloud had several personal troubles allowing him to connect with gamers on a deeper level instead of just being a hero out to save the world
  3. Supporting Cast
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    The cast of characters each were unique and well developed allowing gamers to relate to and use whomever they chose
  4. Idol to Villain: Sephiroth
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    The transformation from Cloud's idol to evil arch nemesis creates the backbone for FF7s story and one of video game history's most notorious villains
  5. The Soundtrack
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    The soundtrack still tours the globe day to sold out rooms, enough said. A masterpiece by Nobou Uematsu that resonates in the ears of millions to this day
  6. Gold Saucer
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    The home of a million mini games and the crown jewel of them all, Chocobo Racing.
  7. Materia System
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    A brilliant system allowing players to customize how they wanted to tackle the battle challenges within the game. Just make sure you don't leave your extra material around Yuffie
  8. Planet in Crisis: Storyline
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    Final Fantasy 7 is the first of the series to have a more modern time feel to it and it deals with some modern issues. The planet is in crisis due to a corporation harvesting energy - sound like anything similar to what's going on in today's world?
  9. The Impossible: Ruby and Emerald
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    Thought you beat everything, we'll check again. Ruby and Emerald provide quite the impossible test and take countless extra hours of leveling up to even stand a chance against. Unfortunately the prizes may not be worth the effort (as you likely already have them), but the pride in victory is well worth it.
  10. Chocobo Breeding
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    Nothing is as fun as running in circles trying to catch Chocobos, then paying way too much for Greens, then racing them, then breeding them (and resetting the system if the gender is wrong) all for that moment when the Gold Chocobo appears on the screen
  11. Knights of the Round
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    A 2 minute summon calling upon the Knights of the Round Table to inflict damage - Yes Please!
  12. Cross Dressing Cloud and Other Quirks
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    The game was full of humor and other quirky moments such as requiring Cloud to cross dress to gain access to Don Corneos mansion or a date at Gold Saucer with one of three females (or one male) that provided extra entertainment amongst the hours of gameplay.
  13. Side Quests and Characters
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    From two fully optional characters (Yuffie and Vincent) to countless optional side quests and story lines (Wutai, Lucrecia, Zack, Fort Condor, Sunken Gelinka, and many more), the game allows players to fully explore the ever expansive world of Gaia
  14. The Future
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    It is often credited as the game "that sold the PlayStation" as it pushed the system to the brink of its capabilities. It's graphics and storyline brought RPGs to a mass audience changing not only the Final Fantasy franchise but the history of gaming forever