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  1. Grow my hair out
  2. Work on my communication
  3. Believe in myself
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  1. Calming the fuck down
  1. Chelsea boot
  2. Political revolt
  3. Warm cookie
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  1. Kenlee
  2. Alma
  3. Drake
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  1. "I may annoy myself but at least I'll never be as boring as almost every man I've talked to"
  1. Learn to play guitar
  2. Try hot yoga
  3. Feel good about myself
  1. Step one: Look in the mirror
  2. Step two: Say "I am not _____". Fill in blank with the name of a hot person
    Repeat until you've gone through all the hot people you know of
  3. Step three: declare "But I am me."
    Give a slight wobbily smile
  4. Step four: "And I am SOME type of hot!"
    Now give yourself a full flash of those pearly whites, kid!! You fucking did it!! You're hot now!!
  1. Because I don't miss my parents as much as I should
  2. And I'm pretty sure brother doesn't miss me at all
  3. And I'm wondering if it's selfish to say I don't want to miss you too
  1. I've got some questions
    Some...millennial questions 🕶
  2. What even are emojis like "❤️😘😍" reserved for anymore ??
    HUH?? Can AnYONE just use these in conversation with ANYOnE and not mean "hey I likey likey (cough cough love) you a lot"
  3. Is hanging out code for dating
    Asking for a friend !!
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  1. Tbh you just really will never know
  2. & once you come to peace with that
  3. You have reached nirvana