1. My earliest memory is 9/11. My mom was coming to pick me up from day care and she had been crying because my uncle was supposed to fly that day.
  2. I remember everyone's phone going off during my sixth grade history class because there was a school shooting in the area. Some of my best friends are from Newtown and remember the shooting. I remember when the cops showed up at my school and that was supposed to become the new normal.
  3. I've seen real homophobia in the USA. I was alive for the legalization of same sex marriage...but I witnessed America prior to that. Ive heard and know of people who still use slurs like "faggot" and "dyke".
  4. I've seen black America weep and I've wept with them. I've seen riots and killings tried to be kept from the general press. I've seen white people ignorant enough to be offended by Black Lives Matter.
  5. I've seen men try to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. I've had to observed almost everything in media / on television through the male gaze, because almost everything is made for male consumption
  6. I learned about cruelty through trending tags on Twitter and not in textbooks
  7. I'm pushing for change
  8. But it seems like there's not much I can do
  9. Ps Ive watched everyone die
    MJ, prince, David Bowie, etc etc etc etc
  10. I am 16 in 2016
  11. And I feel stranger and sadder and more tired than I would have liked