1. I was extremely tired of school so I decided to visit my brother for the weekend
  2. I arrived at the apartment around 7 or 8
    Important characters you're about to meet: Drake: my brother, Sarah: Drakes girlfriend, Gabe: Drakes roommate
  3. 20 minutes later and I'm smoking my first bowl
    OKAY DISCLAIMER TIME: I had no clue I was going to get high. I brought my fake to "maybe" use at a bar sometime that weekend. I was naive As Fuck. Beyond Naive As Fuck.
  4. Then I took about 8 or 9 bong rips
    Drake told me its perfectly fine to cough, & then put ice cubes in the bong
  5. I started to believe I wasn't going to get high, that something was wrong with me
  6. Then someone said a mediocre joke
  7. And I laughed very very hard
  8. And then I realized
  9. I was, yes, very extremely stoned
  10. I felt like I was on a swing and I was five again
    "Is this how people feel - this is how people feel" I felt like I was in on some big secret, it was a lot to handle
  11. And Then...
  12. I wigged the fuck out*
  13. I touched the forth dimension*
    Or rather, it touched me 🕶
  14. I traveled through space and time*
  15. I died*
  16. I cried*
  17. *This all happened during something I can only relate to a panic attack
    It felt like a half an hour. Later when I asked Drake and Sarah they said it was only a minute or two.
  18. Like actually I was very fucked up
    Vision went insane, thoughts went bonkers, everything was nutso
  19. Sarah and Drake got me a blanket
  20. I asked myself if this was normal or if I was fucked up
    My brother told me he used to get as intensely stoned as I was, which helped me loosen up
  21. Gabe said that he had never in his life been as effected by weed as I was and declares that he wants to try LSD
  22. Drake and I agreed that LSD might not be fun for us
  23. We ordered sushi
    I touched the fucking roof of heaven
  24. I think I hit the bong again
  25. I don't really remember much after that
    Happy 420!