When I come home over break I always rediscover the objects that fill my somewhat of a time capsule room. These are some of my favorites that I'm currently drawn to.
  1. The dollhouse made by my grandpa for my aunt that was then passed to me
  2. Lettering guides from my great grandmas calligraphy class
  3. This terrifying pamphlet
    Reading about the brotherhood of the free masons really opened my eyes to the patriarchal society we live in. Thanks for making me aware of my feminist beliefs at the ripe age of 5!
  4. This informative poster
    my brain likes to drop really terrible intrusive thoughts on the reg so I thought the title was cool. Looking at these seriously vulgar and violent sexual images made me feel relatively normal & there's even a baller interview with the artist, Tina Lugo.
  5. small displays I've set up on my windowsills
    This one is of figurines in the army my favorite is the nurse because she looks like she doesn't take shit. I try not to touch these often because I'm pretty sure they're coated with lead paint and this will be the cause of my death.
  6. My bookshelf, which is an entity of its own
    Note the blue car phone, portrait of my mother as kiddo, and my nat geo collection
  7. Cassette collection
    Mostly inherited from my mom, some new tapes from friends. In college my mom took a class on audio and now she has a few tapes of her interviewing different people and talking to her friends and family. Lovely to listen to when I'm trying to gage if we're from the same planet.