This list is very long because madden told me to make it extremely specific.
  1. Kind and humble
    Humble in the way he acts too. I love guys that are humble, they're so beautiful in everything they do. When a guy is sitting humbly or walking humbly it's like real life art come alive.
  2. Interesting hair
    Maybe it's dyed blue or bleached or really long or maybe he has a weird haircut (!!) who knows ??
  3. Has similar political views
    Aka liberal
  4. Unique & quirky style --> we eventually share clothes which is fantastic
    Unique styles I'm into: lots of prints! a simple outfit with a bold brand name! Maybe outfits with unique bold colors? I like short shorts w/ boots - just looks so bad ass to me, skinny jeans & cardigans really say hottie with a library card(Cool turn on), dark denim, layering denim, sneakers with socks, socks? Weird socks are cool? Honestly, I like outfits that you can tell are original & that someone put thought into. I love it when people wear what they find attractive/what they want to wear
  5. Not crazy about machoism
    However - will still buy me flowers and lead when I want...?? I don't know !! Shits confusing okay?? I guess not a violent raging guy who sees women as inferior? Am I asking for too much ????
  6. Will say something like "Is it great we share clothes??"
  7. Not homophobic
  8. Is openly a feminist
  9. Isn't gay
  10. Makes me feel safe and comfortable around him
  11. Doesn't have a gross internet presence
  12. Into 80s/90s culture
  13. Is nice to my family
  14. Passionate and interesting
  15. Doesn't talk about girls he finds hot / doesn't hang out with the kind of guys that say "damn that girl is hot" "I'd bang her" "look at her titties" etc
    I don't know I'm just really uncomfortable by this even typing it gave me hives
  16. Cares about art & has a creative career
    Maybe if he's a teen we can call this a "creative passion". Preferably a musician or maybe someone who works in film.
  17. Will paint his nails / thinks jewelry is cool for everyone
    Will even go as far to shave his legs bc he thinks it's weird girls are pressured into it by society and understands smooth legs are silky and feel goood
  18. Is into personal hygiene
    Smells good, maybe like ginger ale (does that smell good/sexy? Probably not. I take it back.) Has clean teeth.
  19. Thinks of me when he sees something interesting or hears a funny story
    Wants to share it with me bc I'm the love of his life!!💕
  20. Isn't secretly in love with my best friend
  21. Not a porn addict
    To the point where he has porn induced E.D.
  22. Isn't a major druggie
    not a fan of rl hot messes
  23. Isn't a straightedge
    Just way too intense
  24. Humorous💝
    Laughs at the same stuff I do, can make me laugh whenever w/o trying to hard.
  25. Hot, but in a wholesome, homey way.
    You know it when you see it.
  26. pro-choice because he's not crazy
  27. Understands and can relate to my emotional landscape
    Honestly I don't really know what my emotional "landscape" (??) is, but this sounds good
  28. Wants to learn about me 💙
  29. &Wants to know what I think
  30. Has a very interesting and eclectic personality
  31. Is not into camping / living in the middle of nowhere
    Sorry but I really love my city babes and I'm more into the urban thing than the "lumbersexual" thing-- also, while we are on it, I really am not down with the word "lumbersexual" (that's why it's in quotes). If anyone knows a better word with the same message please notify me!
  32. Values campy culture
    ie Hedwig and the angry inch, rocky horror, etc. just likes musicals in general
  33. Not jaded
    💗💛optimists, wow !!
  34. enjoys the kinds of books/movies/music that I do
  35. Has his own set of interesting friends
  36. Is honest about his real live human emotions
  37. Isn't clingy
  38. Isn't religious - agnostic by choice
  39. But also enjoys spending time with me and thinks of me randomly, and when he thinks of me its fond and warm and loving and he isn't thinking about me just sexually
  40. Always consensual and respectful
  41. Has a fantastic fresh new take on gender expectations
    Read: Not constrained by gender
  42. Looking for someone just like me
  43. Not rude
  44. Not polite enough to remind me of a 40 y/o neighbor or a bronie
  45. But also, down w/ fucked up jokes that are sometimes insensitive
  46. Can talk with all types of people / is comfortable in a variety of social settings
  47. Is interested in my writing / art
  48. Pure at heart
  49. Has a good relationships with his family
  50. —-
    This used to be "not freakishly into sports" but I take it back I found a very cool guy who is into sports
  51. Like, not a full on, intense beard. Just a nice and comfortable amount of stubble.
    Suggested by @hconquer
  52. Looks like a young hot Rick Moranis cough cough
  53. "face it u just want a male lesbian that should b ur criterion. but like a specific kind of lesbian. like the cool 80s/90s indie lesbian. but as a boy" - @madden
  54. Great mannerisms & facial expressions
  55. Taller than me
    Doesn't have to be a giant
  56. Into pop culture & social justice-y
    I don't know if these things normally go together but I like it when they do!
  57. Cool because he doesn't care about being cool/uncool
    He's just too busy doing his own hing, you know?
  58. Caring as fuck