Here's another list where I cry
  1. Both effeminate and emasculate are words that make it sound like being feminine is something to be ashamed over
    "Wow this didn't hurt my self esteem or make me feel bad about my gender :-)" - every girl who isn't lying to herself
  2. In our society it's clearly way more acceptable for a woman to act masculine than for a man to be feminine
  3. If you look up #malegaze and #femalegaze both tags come up with sexualized images of women
    Also about that! Those terms aren't very inclusive 🤔 - maybe we should have some new words that include sexual preference w/o relying on gender? Like "cock lovers"! But preferably more easy on the ears than "cock lovers"
  4. Turn on your television lol
    I'm dead inside because so many shows and movies don't even pass the Bechdel test um haha what the fuck?
  5. The God of the Christian bible is a boi
  6. Just open a text book
  7. Just watch how the media loves to idealize women and then destroy them
  8. Just look at how people LOVE to defend men that are fucking rapists or pedophiles or beat their wives!!!
    Cosby, Woody Allen, Chris Brown.
  9. Also where are the boys in sexy lingerie posing for /my/ pleasure?