A work in progress
  1. Seeing the fam <3
    Mom, Dad, Drake, I love y'all! Oh and Sarah pls wed my brother ASAP because I think you're fab💕
  2. Buying books, reading books
    List on that to come later but let's just say this year I pulled
  3. Crowning myself Netflix royalty
    I finished Lost, restarted Master of None, and am currently snuggled up watching OITNB - and that's only the tippy tip of the iceberg. Wow.
  4. Seeing friends
    Self explanatory
  5. Eating
    I'm a hungry growing girl and at the moment I'm able to eat what I like, when I like. I'm in heaven.
  6. Snuggling up in some blankeys and drifting gently into sleep
    Also self explanatory