From first grade to freshman year
  1. First - boxcar children
    All I wanted to do was run away and join the Aldens. Anyone who doesn't like the boxcar children probably only heard the premise and didn't actually crack open the first book - it's cute as hell and I'll never feel ashamed for loving every single bit.
  2. Second - the tale of despereaux
    Everything about this story fascinated me. Even running my hands over the ridges on the edge of each page was thrilling. I'm always down to discuss the tale of despereaux, but please do not mention the cartoon movie adaptation. Disgraceful.
  3. Third - Harriet the spy
    My teacher wouldn't let me read it in class because it contained crude words and a girl that was "troublesome." I bought the book myself that same night at Borders.
  4. Fourth - the Egypt game
    Culty and cool. I grew up loving Egypt and playing similar games with my friends. Nothing as sketch tho.
  5. Fifth - The Indian in the Cupboard
    I read any and every book that was remotely similar to TIiTC. I remember being very specifically being attached to the tiny horse - how fuckingg darling ????
  6. Sixth - the perks of being a wallflower
    before it really blew up my friends shared one copy and passed it around religiously. I still have the copy at my house, sorry Luke & Charlie!
  7. Seventh - It's Kind of A Funny Story
    So underrated. I never got around to seeing the movie but the book worked wonders for me. When Vizzini took his life I locked myself in my room for three days straight.
  8. Eighth - nine stories
    Salinger's best (but dear god, I'm ashamed I've ever said something like "Salinger's best")
  9. Ninth - Seconds
    Adjusting to boarding school and an intense curriculum shift didn't give me a lot of time to read leisurely. I bought seconds over one of my breaks and fell in love with the magic and detail of the graphic novel.