Sorry to sound like that kid who smoke pot for the first time behind someone's car during lunch and then was ushered by her friend Amanda into fifth period Ethics
  1. Is caring about someone inherently selfish?
    Can you ever genuine care about someone w/o some sort of selfish drive? Like I think I can and have before....but am I lying to myself/not even aware of an underlying narcissistic force? If my friend Joe likes baseball and I care that they like baseball do I care because I genuinely care Joe likes baseball or do I care because I like the bond Joe and I have. Is it okay for care to be selfish in that way then? Or does that, in some way, taint what caring is all about?
  2. Should terrorists be given a fair trial in US federal courts?
    I stole this one from a Bernie quote. This is really fucking me up because at first my thinking was "what the fuck! No! They're terrorists" but then I realized that if they were a terrorist they would obviously be found guilty. Or would they? How much trust do we have in our justice system? This question makes me very uncomfortable.
  3. Are we most connected by our aloneness?
    Do our private experiences lead us to emotions that we can all relate to? Or do our independent and varied perspectives only drive us farther into isolation and disconnection?
  4. Can we truly comprehend how diverse we are?
    Sometimes I feel like everyone around me is the exact same. It's hard, when you get into a certain way of life, to realize that you live in a bubble. It refreshing to splash water on your face and think "there are terrible people and amazing people and I've barely scratched the surface?". This moments of clarity is brief though. Will I ever know how diverse we are?? Is my own interpretation of diversity just relative to my experiences & perspective???(yes)
  5. Could we all have been criminals?
    Watching OITNB really humanizes criminals in my opinion. How different am I than someone behind bars? Had I been born into a different class with my same personality and values would I be in jail right now? Obviously there are cases I can't empathize with, but the stories on the show really made me think about my own values / position in society.
  6. Can we genuinely yearn for experiences we haven't encountered before?
    Is wanting to get high for your first time a different yearning that wanting to get high for your fourth time? The first time, you're not even sure what it's going to feel like-you've only ever heard stories. The second, third, fourth, etc - is that yearning different? Do we genuinely want what we want or do we want it because we've seen how others have reacted?
  7. Do you find people you're looking for or do you look for people you want to find?
    This kind of sounds like a weird poster that was hanging in your seventh grade language arts class but bear with me here: in life do we meet the people we want to meet naturally, because there is an internal desire to meet them and a genera belief that they exist? OR do we take a more external approach and actively search and hunt for potential relationships? Do we seek friends with similar values or do we become friends because those similar values push us towards each other? Both??
  8. Why are people terrible to themselves?
    Sometimes we can be our own biggest bully. Why? Isn't this backwards? Shouldn't we be our own number one fan? Doesn't it seem backwards that evolution didn't pound this out? Or do our negative thoughts towards ourselves in someway benefit us? Are negative thoughts, if pessimistic, also grounding? Do they encourage us to address issues with pragmatic strategies? I think they do...but I'm not so sure :/