100% not qualified to be giving advice on healthy living
  1. Don't believe in those "statistics" that are along the lines of "your mind says you're six times more attractive than you really are"
    Everyone has different levels of self confidence & ego. Also, everyone's idea of attractive is different.
  2. Don't stalk people on social media if all you're doing is torturing yourself
  3. Eat until you're 80% full
    Your body will quickly feel 100% full it's just still digesting food. I need to follow this rule more because lately after I eat I feel so full it hurts
  4. Masturbate
    Touch yo self!
  5. For every trashy magazine you read, make sure to replenish yourself with a book
  6. If your work is really stacking up make a list of short term responsibilities in order of when you'll do them
    On li.st! 😉 @bjnovak @dev
  7. Call or text your mother/father/brother first at least once a month
  8. Always have at least 3 interesting anecdotes or topics to talk about at a social gathering
    Thanks dad, this is a cool tip
  9. Don't do hard drugs
  10. If something hurts go to the doctor
    It could be serious!!! Better safe than sorry
  11. Make sure your sound is on for your alarms before you hit the hay
  12. Take your pills even if you're already in bed and comfortable. Get out and take them.
    Doing this rn 💔 rip comfortable position
  13. Order food before you hit the bong that way your postmates bud arrives right when you get the munchies
    I don't know if this is healthy or just fucking gross. Let's file it under a Millennial Life Hack
  14. Post what you want on social media and never delete your cool content for a guy
  15. Watch documentaries
  16. Practice flirting with that cute waiter
  17. Use lube & caution if you're having anal sex
    Heard the scariest story about anal sex today sorry I'm just freaked out apparently a girl passed out from a guy going too hard?? Talk about new sexual territory before you enter it.
  18. Don't pick up your moms calls when you're high
    Just tell her your phone was dead.
  19. Ask your partner if they have any STDs
    Even better, get tested together! Trust them before you thrust w/ them
  20. Find your passions
    Are you interested in Dolphins?? Vintage Barbie dolls?? The Etruscan tombs?? The world is your oyster get out there and find your peals
  21. Eat brunch
    Hands down the best meal of the day. Give me brunch or give me death.