Hey everyone I've always been cool with my height until about 4 days ago. I'm 5'3 and a quarter. Or a half. Sometimes I say 3/4z. Whatever. I've never been upset about my height before because I feel as though I'm pretty well proportioned. I still have at least a year or growing potentially !!!
  1. Here's my plan on how to become a taller me and reach my genetic potential
  2. Drink lots and lots of milk
  3. Take calcium pills daily
    In case the milk isn't working. Pills are nice because they're basically insurance and as long as you pop them in your mouth they've got you covered!
  4. Hang upside down
  5. Do lots and lots of stretching
  6. Buy heels
  7. Like lots of heels
  8. Stand tall
  9. Buy smaller furniture / only take photos where I look proportionally taller than everything around me