1. Hey everyone! I'm hot now.
  2. I know this might come off as being blunt, over confident, and somewhat disgusting
    Hear me out please
  3. I'll have you know that my awkward phase lasted excruciatingly long
  4. And that though I may be hot on the outside, I still feel undesirable as fuck on the inside!
    BOYS: now would be a **perfect** time to abuse this power and use me :)
  5. Listen though
  6. After years of feeling disgusting and very very not hot...
  7. ...I realize that feeling hot is kind of ummmm- trivial !!
  8. And even though my heart does a little pitter-patter when a cute guy /finally/ toses me some attention...
  9. ...I'm glad I had the time to figure out what I want from relationships (thereotetically ofc)
    But still it is really the thought that counts. I'm glad I could figure this stuff *mentally*
  10. Now that I'm hot I know that I don't want to be objectified
    And I feel silly for feeling bad when boys didn't like me 💔 (<- broken heart is for past me, not stupid boys)
  11. Now that I'm hot I still want a guy to love me for what's in my head
  12. But I also understand physical attraction is important and cool in relationships
    Like, yes, duh, I'd love to be desired
  13. I'd like to personally thank my ugly years for making me realize what my kind of hot is anyway
    Honestly my ugly years will probably never end and my hot years have always been around
  14. Like really I think almost every girl feels like she's some kind of cute in middle school...
  15. ...and I really didn't!!
    I felt terrible about myself constantly and I can't pinpoint why. I think a big part of it was how my clothes fit on my body - which is stressful because I'm thin? Basically - find the brands that fit because you'll feel so fucking cool I promise. I hated how most pants (didn't!) fit me. I think now I can recognize a lot of problems we have about our bodies are 1) planted in our head 2) shitty clothing. I'd like to thank the gap for fitting me in ways I never thought possible.
  16. My generation was really weird in terms of orthodontics- everyone had braces between 2nd-6th grade
    I might have been the only freshman at my school with braces? It was a quiet hell (I thought the rubber bands were super cool though, to be real)
  17. Well I'm over it all. And guess what fuck heads?
  18. I'll defend every body type until the end
  19. Because making people feel shitty for how they look is beyond petty.
    Because everyone's kind of pretty and desirable in their own way? Like truly. This sounds mushy and like a hallmark card but everyone has something desirable about them. I swear to god someone in the world finds what you're about to be really attractive.
  20. So guess what I'm hot
  21. But maybe I always was?
  22. And I'm not here to please you
  23. Unless I say so! 😜 xoxo bye
    I'm sending mixed messages about my body bc so is the media hahahashsh get it?