I'd like to be

(I used the word "hot" a lot in this list 💔)
  1. A Hot 90s girl
    I draw inspiration specifically from Liv Tyler & the girls of Twin Peaks. Tank girl too.
  2. Your summer camp sweetheart
    Here's what I want to look like: I want to look like I broke your heart without knowing, but had I know I hurt you it would have broken my heart harder. We meet at arts & crafts and you assume I'm trying to flirt with you, but you've naively mistaken my friendly cheerful nature for some kind of advance. I want to make out with your cabin mate Ben (the one who only brought 3 shirts to camp) but I don't know how to get him to meet me behind the boat house. It's twisted because I secretly love you.
  3. The girl who shares a closet with her boyfriend
    In this dream I'm hot but I'm trying to conceal my feminine side, something you (my beautiful partner with your confidence to wear jewelry and cross your legs) have currently got covered for both of us. We both dabble in each other's clothes so we look super hot when we go out and kids at the mall often run from us. Sex is fun because we're equals and we aren't trying to create a weird imbalance of power. Did I mention we're like very extremely hot and no one can exactly place why?
  4. I don't know how to label this one...
    I wear flowing sequined dresses and am not looking for love. You run into me on the train and pull out my 12th novel, which was only published yesterday! I squeal with excitement and you rave about how much you love me and my books, we take a photo, and then you leave because you "didn't want to annoy the fuck out of" me as you so eloquently put it when retelling this story to your entire extended family.
  5. Someone you want very very very badly but can't have
    Just for a day it would be an absolute dream to be on the other side of this
  6. The one you love in the dark
    You think I'm great, visually - as I feel about you too! But we both are over it by the time dinner has ended so at night we crawl under my childhood quilt to listen to each other tell stories and breath gently. Now it's 5 AM and we're feeling tortured by love because we don't want morning to come and ruin the mood we've so carefully created.