In no particular order this is what gets me, Kenlee, going

  1. A touch of metallic clothing
    Adds spice/makes everyone look alien chic without pushing it (edit: I'm very cool with people pushing it)
  2. Necklaces and body chains
    Hot on EVERYONE
  3. Niche food items
    Froyo isn't exactly niche but you can't get it everywhere! I also like bubble tea, rice pudding, and DIY crepes.
  4. Authenticity
    It makes the world go round
  5. Stickers
    They're just cool I don't feel the need to explain this one
  6. Children's bedrooms
    And adults bedrooms that are decorated like children bedrooms
  7. Liberals
  8. Documentary, especially documentary series
    Best ones are on crime or drugs. It's a very comfortable way to observe the scarier things in this world
  9. Pop culture
    history in the making 🕶
  10. Anything but machoism