Listen up FOLKS

  1. I've got some questions
    Some...millennial questions 🕶
  2. What even are emojis like "❤️😘😍" reserved for anymore ??
    HUH?? Can AnYONE just use these in conversation with ANYOnE and not mean "hey I likey likey (cough cough love) you a lot"
  3. Is hanging out code for dating
    Asking for a friend !!
  4. Speaking of "friends" - here's a real riddle..
    If you think a guy likes you and you like him too but you find he often flirts with his "friend" that happens to be older and cooler and life even real? Is joy even attainable??
  5. What does it mean
    By it I mean these texts I've been receiving
  6. Anyway
    He just (literally JUST) texted me out of the blue so I gotta go my hearts a thumping mess bye