I finished the first season! Honestly I'm chilled to the bone - probably actual spoilers in this list so you've been warned
  1. I applaud Laura for making bangs looks chic and reasonable throughout the first season
  2. I don't hate Bobby as much as I used to but it complicated okkkkkayy
  3. Dear fuck let my special agent be okay
    I. Will. Cry.
  4. Leo is literally lucifer
  5. When is Cooper going to have more dreams?
    Will he even have the chance? Hahahahah🙃💔
  6. I really did enjoy log lady's moment I hope she appears even more in the next season
  7. Speaking of season two I was actually shocked that there wasn't just one season
    In a good way! I think someone must have told me there was only one season
  8. Oh my god that scene at the end with Audrey's dad (like actual dad, not a daddy) & Audrey dressed with her card dear lord pls save the Hornes
    They're called the Hornes because they're horny - right?
  9. I really love Audrey's essence
    Her style is great of course but I really appreciate her "up to something" nature
  10. I live for those intimate moments between Donna and James with the theme playing in the background
  11. Nadine's pill scene was quite a set up
  12. Leland Palmer needs to tone it down
  13. "Sp now I know why Lucy was acting so weird around Andy!" - me to myself at 3 in the morning