1. Remove your ribs!
    Aka suck your own clit/dick, go FUCK yourself bc no one else wants to, etc. Directed at shitty politicians & people who play with your heart. (Based off of an urban legend that if you remove your bottom rib you can give yourself oral). I imagine this being said in Khaleesi's cadence.
  2. "If you had a twin I'd hate her/him less"
    Use this one when you want to sound like an ice cold cunt princess I'm sure it works
  3. Calling someone a "crumb"
    I think it's just a low thing to do and I'd probably cry if someone called me a crumb
  4. When I write my autobiography one day, I don't think I'll include you in it
    This implies 1) you'll be successful enough to write an autobiography and 2) that they aren't interesting/important enough to even be mentioned
    Suggested by @nicky_v
  5. Alternative: there will be a whole chapter on you.
    W/ an Icy tone this just screams "and not in a good way!!!" @nicky_v
  6. "I'm a dragon, you're a whore"
    A Lana Del Rey lyric. So powerful I love it. I'm still waiting for the right moment to use it
    Suggested by @nicky_v
  7. You're a walnut
    Suggesting they are a wrinkled mess and look like a diseased ballsack (my daughter's favorite insult )
    Suggested by @Trinity