My dad and I had a discussion about gendered products and now consequently my brain is bleeding and I want to cry
  1. When someone insults a guy by calling his masculinity "fragile"...isn't that just like saying "you're falling short of being strong" which is once again holding up traditional and toxic views of strength and power associated with masculinity
    I've been screaming internally for the last 45 minutes. It's like "Fragile masculinity" is the insult version of "strong female". These word pairings keep popping up because they obviously aren't implied. This world sucks !!
  2. Why do we allow brands and big companies to prey on social and gender insecurities (that literally almost everyone has)
    And then why do we attack those who buy into them? I'm sure the people who need gendered products are already insecure enough?
  3. Are products catered to women- ones that don't necessarily need to be- more okay than products catered to men?
    Take Luna bars for example. Btw I love men that eat Luna bars.
  4. Is being against gendered products anti-feminist?
    As feminists shouldn't we be telling people "you do you" and isn't letting people buy the products that make them feel jazzed about their gender just an extension of that?
  5. But at the end of the day why are things unnecessarily gendered