I'm a girl on the prowl, hungry for some real-deal answers.
  1. Am I going through menopause?
    I WebMD'd and I think I'm a bit (like, a lot) off. One of the few WebMDs I've done that hasn't haunted me. Still think I have an ulcer though. P.S. did you know webMD now has an app? What a terrific time to be alive!
  2. Will I be able to truly handle my next crisis?? HOW???
    Pressing because it could spring up at any moment and I'd love to be prepared☔️
  3. Should I make therapy a more regular part of my life?
    Something I think I should do. I'm in love with the thought of it alone. I would need to find a new T - mixed emotions about that
  4. Am I not eating right and sleeping well because I hate myself, or do I hate myself because I'm not eating right and sleeping well????
  5. When is season 2 of Master of None happening?
    and why was season 1 so magical???
  6. When is season 2 of Love happening?
    So so goooood
  7. What's the next movie I should watch?
    Preferably something I haven't heard of before
  8. When is Max going to happen?
    @lenadunham @zoe hi I'm excited 💜
  9. Why did that boy Max turn out to be gross?
  10. Why have I been mean to my mom? ((💔))
  11. Why does my mom pry though?
  12. What can I do to get tickets to Hamilton?
  13. What am I going to do over spring break?
  14. Oh my god, what am I going to do over the Rest Of My Life??
  15. can I live? Can I chill? Can I pls be that kind to myself?
  16. Similarly: Why is everything simple made stressful in my mind?
    You bet your bottom dollar I'm excited to tell my therapist allll about this next week!
  17. Extra: Why does it feel like my mind is constantly flicking itself off?
    also file under therapy
  18. +++ is my toe broken wtf?
    landed on it funky :( <\3