1. When both of your shoes are tied at the same tightness
    love it when the tightness is rightness
  2. Popping a CD out of its case
  3. Hanging up new posters / setting up windowsill displays
    I love decorating rooms. It's so hot.
  4. holding a new book with perfect corners and no creases
    It feels so square and foreign. Amazing.
  5. The first sip of soda on a hot day
    So refreshing
  6. A pen that glides smoothly but doesn't bleed
  7. dancing like a lunatic to blaring music
    A safe place to finally lose all control
  8. When a blanket covers parts of you on a warm day so you're not too hot or cold
  9. Alternatively, being under one big blanket, safe and sound from the world
  10. Gripping the chains on the swing set when you go too high
    Haven't felt this in probably 5 years but it's still valid
  11. Waking up feeling deeply well rested
  12. Jumping into a pool when you're dry on a hot day
  13. Riding shotgun with another teen at the wheel
  14. Feeling That first swallow of cold water or juice traveling through your body right after waking up
    I prefer OJ 🍊
    Suggested by @lardvoldemort
  15. Toasty warm paper fresh out of the printer
    Suggested by @alanarogerrrrs
  16. when you feel energized after a good fucking nap
    Suggested by @upset