1. How to live my life
    Of course by this I mean I don't need a guy telling me that I should be domestic because I'm a woman, or I shouldn't be the breadwinner because I'm a girl. It goes deeper than that. I never want a boy to try to tell me I'm self-sabotaging or that "I'm better than that". I don't need anyone telling me that I shouldn't wear makeup, or anything in that same vein. I do things on my own terms, sorry not sorry!
  2. Explaining sexism
    I think I might have a better handle on this buddy :)
  3. "I love you"
    I don't need it, would be nice though - in the correct context
  4. Telling me I look hot
    Once again - context
  5. Telling me I don't look hot
    Excuse me??
  6. Calling any girl psycho
    Bye byeee