Experience levels with each topic vary
  1. The Berlin Wall
    Im fascinated
  2. Women's studies & feminism
  3. 2016 culture & fashion vs 90s culture & fashion
    2016 feels like the 90s 2.0 - I guess in just confused about the gap in between the two?
  4. Boys
    The one that is kind/feminist/expressive - I'm firstly interested in learning if he exists and then interested in learning his name and if he would like to go out for a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone some time
  5. Nail polish & Hair trends
  6. The various forms of validation
  7. Radical feminism
    Jut like before, but now a bit more radical
  8. Screenwriting & other facets of the film industry
  9. How gum is made and packaged
    I'm sure I can find one of those hour long documentaries on this- in fact, I think I'll look now